These products are superior cosmeceuticals with unique ingredients and technology to assist our skins with problems such as Acne, Hyper pigmentation and Ageing.  All facials include thorough extractions using a Sterile Hypodermic needle.  Special care will be taken during your facial treatment to make sure your skin is comfortable.  Massage will be incorporated in facial depending on treatment and skin type.

Deep Cleanse Facial   60mins   R 355.00
Rejuvenating Active facial   75mins   R 400.00
Advanced Serum Facial   90mins   R 465.00
TCA/Glycolic Peels   60mins   R 460.00
Ad Specialised Alginate mask       R 125.00
Ad Collagen Face Film       R 185.00
Ad Collagen Eye Film       R 135.00

O.P.I is imported from America and stand out in the beauty industry as the best Manicure/Pedicure product.  Your treatment will be done to perfection.  Treatments include soaking, cuticles, nail buffing, proper removal of rough, scrub, paint and massage.  Your Pedicure will last longer with no chipping.

 Complete Manicure inc. paint   60min   R 215.00
 Complete Pedicure inc. paint   90min   R 260.00
 Cut, File & Varnish    20min   R 130.00



Perfect nails for 2 – 3 weeks with no nail damage.  Before gel is applied the cuticles and nails are prepared.  Gel can also be added to a Complete manicure/Complete pedicure.  Prices include gel soak off.

Shellac Gel Hands / Feet   60min   R 300.00
Manicure / Pedicure & Shellac gel   90min   R 405.00
Gel Soak off   30min   R 105.00

Massages are always custom made with pure essential oils to target the client’s individual needs. Back cleanse include extractions.

Full Body Massage   90min   R 485.00
Back & Neck Massage   40min   R 325.00
Back, Scalp & Foot Massage   60min   R 435.00
Back Deep Cleanse   45min   R 325.00
Corundum Back Exfoliation   30min   R 225.00

For long lasting colour your tint stays on for at least 20 minutes.  Colours are mixed to achieve desired look.

Lash Tint       R 95.00
Brow Tint       R 85.00
Brow Shape Wax/Tweeze       R 90.00

Imported Depileve wax products are used.  Before waxing the area are cleaned and after waxing an oil/cream cleanser will be applied to remove any sticky residue.

Full leg wax   60min   R 220.00
Half leg wax   40min   R 195.00
Underarm wax   15min    R 95.00
Bikini wax   30min   R 145.00
G string wax   40min   R 165.00
Brazilian wax   60min   R 180.00
Face wax   30min   R 175.00
Ears/Nose wax   10min   R 70.00
Lip/Chin wax   10min   R 70.00

Laser days are scheduled every six weeks on a Monday.  On average six treatments will be needed for best results.  No more lengthy wax appointments and always beach ready.

Laser Bikini       R 500.00
Laser Bikini All       R 800.00
Laser Chin/Lip/Side Burns/Eye Brows       R 250.00
Laser Under Arm       R 500.00
Laser Neck       R 350.00
Laser Half Leg       R 1400.00
Laser Full Leg       R 3000.00
Laser Half Back/Chest       R 1200.00

This is a pain free non surgical way of getting rid of stubborn fat.  Cryotechnology target fat cells, eliminating them in an easy non intrusive fashion. You can expect a 20-30% reduction in the treated area.

One Area       R 3000.00
Two Areas       R 4000.00
Three Areas       R 5500.00
Four Areas       R 6200.00
Five Areas       R 7200.00
Six Areas       R 8000.00

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